Tuesday, March 3, 2009

queen frostine

folks, meet queen frostine, latest object of K's affection.

he noticed her while playing a morning game of Candyland with M today and immediately decided they would be married.

"how will you get her to marry you?" M asked.

this gave K momentary pause but after a moment's thought he quickly found his solution.

"when she is lost in the forest she will say 'help! help!' and then i will go and look for her and find her and then we will get married."

this seemed to satisfy both father and son for a while and they resumed their game quietly.

"what a sweet boy," i thought as i listened in, proud of raising a little knight in shining armor.

soon, however, K broke the silence with another thought about his new lady love.

" i really just like her breasts, daddy. "

M: "uh, you do?"

K: " yeah, they're so BIG!"

M: "uhhhhhhhhhhhh..."


seriously, folks. what's a mother to do?


rents said...

Astoundingly hilarious. I am speechless. gff

Ross said...

Wait, is this a true story? He must have learned that from his poppa.

el said...

he's right, you know. they ARE big.

Linda said...

but have you seen Gramma Nut? rrrrrowwwr.

Kirsty said...

Oh I have had some catchig up to do LOL. Funny as ever and Congratulations!!!!