Tuesday, July 29, 2008

one of them days.

all i have to say is this:

if you're rushing to pick up your babysitter
(whose car broke down)
in the half an hour between swimming lessons
and when you absolutely have to leave for your first therapy appointment
(for those panic attacks you've been having lately)
and you decide to pick up happy meals for the kids on the way
because it's the fastest lunch you can think of..

just please double check
before you get on the freeway
that the cheeseburgers you ordered
are actually in the bag.

this will save you a lot of hassle.

especially if it's rush hour.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

boys and dolls

yeah, yeah. i know i promised an update but really, did you think i could pull that together on a sunday?

get real. plus, my batteries on my camera died.

so here's a story from the here and now. why live in the past? life is all about the present, man!

about a month ago i was at the thrift store with K and he discovered an old barbie doll in one of the bins. he thought she was "sparkly" and asked if he could have her and i thought," why not?" for 25 cents she seemed like a bargain.

as is usually the case with thrift store treasures, our barbie was brought through the front door and promptly forgotten. (who needs a silly ol' doll when you can pretend to cut your brother's limbs off with a light saber, right?)

but this morning, for some reason, she's been resurrected.

about an hour ago i watched as K spotted the dollie and fished her out of the toy drawer. E was interested, too, and the first thing they did was strip her of her clothes.

"she needs a bath!" they cried as they raced towards the bathroom.

the stripping of the doll had been a little weird for me. (uhhh, naked dollies? i don't know if that's appropriate. will playing with a naked barbie turn you into a pedophile someday?)

but watching them at the bathroom sink, happily playing together as they soaped barbie's body and washed her hair, i decided i didn't really care. i was getting a minute of peace, wasn't i?

but just now as they brought her to the kitchen table to dry her off and to give her a haircut i heard K exclaim in a voice filled with wonder,

"hey! she has weally big wips!..."

"... and wow! she has weally, weally big BRAS!!"

i think it's time to put barbie away.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

not forgotten?

first it was just that too much was going on (grandpas visiting, parties happening, two boys home all day beating the shit out of each other with lightsabers) and there was no time to blog.

then it was that too much had happened (see above and more), i couldn't update you on everything!

then more happened making me fall further behind...
then even more things happened that i just had to fill you in on but couldn't find the time...
then more... you get the picture.

and on it went until i was so overwhelmed at the thought of even logging on to blogger that i just collapsed on the couch with a big bowl of cookie dough ice cream and said, "fuck it. i'll give myself a month off. "

but the month is over and now i'm back! did you miss me?

i'm back.

at least i'm going to try to be back.

am i really back?

maybe i still don't have the time....

no, no. enough is enough. i'm finished with the excuses. it is time once again to blog.

truthfully, i'm really not that dedicated. my life hasn't been that interesting lately and i honestly have no idea where i'll find time to blog in the midst of the constant sibling ass kicking happening around me every day.

i'd still be eating my ice cream and procrastinating, probably not blogging for weeks if it weren't for the fact that i just miss those comments.

i miss you!

my fear is that you've all gone away and there is no one left to comment... everyone gone, busy with their summer fun and forgetting old zoloft mom on the couch.

but that's not true, is it?

mom? dad? you're still out there, right?



somebody drop me a line and let me know you're still reading. in the meantime i'll try to compile a long, boring update -in- pictures post to entertain you with tomorrow.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

i'm here!

really, i'm still alive, although i have yet to figure out when blogging fits into a full summer vacation.

i promise an update soon. and by "soon" i mean for sure before september. (probably)