Friday, October 31, 2008

halloween fun

the day is done.
the friends have gone.
our buckets and our bellies are full of sugar
and we. are. pooped.

but it sure was fun!
(and this mama is definitely glad that friday halloweens
only come once every 6 years. )

i'm off to bed.
hope your night was great!


bet you weren't expecting a post from me!

i know i've been a bad blogging mama but we've been busy doing facebook so many things!

school for both boys is keeping me running and lately the harvest activities have been adding another element of crazy to our lives.

and so you, too, can share in our fun, here are a few photos from the last two weeks.

last week was the pumpkin patch with K's preschool.
we went on a hayride, ran through the cornmaze
and then wandered around the pumpkin field for
an hour trying to find the perfect pumpkin.
it was awesome!

above is a group shot of the class...
that's what happens when you try to get
25 toddlers together for a picture, i guess.

then yesterday was the halloween celebration at school for K.
here you can spot him at circle time with his friends
(he's the monkey in the front).
please notice that he is not wearing the robin hood costume
i made him last week,
but rather his brother's old, too small monkey costume
that he found in the costume closet yesterday.

(this used to be a picture of the kids in costume
but i deleted it.)

then this morning it was the big boy's turn.
he did not opt to shun the get-up his mother made for him
but did decide to leave the tights at home. wise choice.
(he'll put those on tonight)

and the day is not over!
we still have a halloween party at E's school this afternoon,
entertaining friends for a spooktacular halloween dinner
followed by trick-or-treating, candy induced craziness
and sugar crash.

stay tuned for more pics!

happy halloween!

Friday, October 10, 2008

this week

K learned to spit at people when he is mad.

GFF came to visit.

i got a huge pimple in my right nostril.

we decorated the porch for halloween.

Friday, October 3, 2008


we are at the in-laws, staying overnight because we have a family wedding tomorrow. M is officiating so he was at rehearsal tonight when i put the boys to bed.

me: "now, go right to sleep, you guys, because tomorrow is going to be a fun day! we get to go to a wedding!!"

E: "oooh... i've never been to a wedding before!"

K: "what's a wedding?"

me: "well, a wedding is when two people get married. you know sydney and barbie? you know how they are just special friends right now? tomorrow, after we go to their wedding they will be married! like a husband and a wife!"

E: "ooooh... wow. uh, mommy?"

me: "yeah?"

E: "can people get un-married?"

me: "well, they can. but we really hope that sydney and barbie don't get unmarried."

E: "but sometimes people get really mad and they get unmarried, right?"

me: "right."

E: "mommy?"

me: "yes?"

E: "can you ever get un-brothered?"