Friday, October 3, 2008


we are at the in-laws, staying overnight because we have a family wedding tomorrow. M is officiating so he was at rehearsal tonight when i put the boys to bed.

me: "now, go right to sleep, you guys, because tomorrow is going to be a fun day! we get to go to a wedding!!"

E: "oooh... i've never been to a wedding before!"

K: "what's a wedding?"

me: "well, a wedding is when two people get married. you know sydney and barbie? you know how they are just special friends right now? tomorrow, after we go to their wedding they will be married! like a husband and a wife!"

E: "ooooh... wow. uh, mommy?"

me: "yeah?"

E: "can people get un-married?"

me: "well, they can. but we really hope that sydney and barbie don't get unmarried."

E: "but sometimes people get really mad and they get unmarried, right?"

me: "right."

E: "mommy?"

me: "yes?"

E: "can you ever get un-brothered?"


Anonymous said...

hahahahaha! i almost spit my breakfast out onto the computer screen.

el said...

hey! that last comment's from me. i am computer challenged.

Anonymous said...

Man, if you find out that answer is yes, let me know. My brother D wears bowling shoes in his house.

rents said...

Don't tell my sisters

Ross said...

Hey, don't let those kids put ideas in your head, zoloftsister