Friday, October 31, 2008

halloween fun

the day is done.
the friends have gone.
our buckets and our bellies are full of sugar
and we. are. pooped.

but it sure was fun!
(and this mama is definitely glad that friday halloweens
only come once every 6 years. )

i'm off to bed.
hope your night was great!


Kirsty said...

Facebook is the devil isn't it lol. K makes a gorgeous monkey. I wish Halloween was done here I love lollies!

Gypsy at Heart said...

This was very cute. Bellies all full of sugar... I know what that feels like for sure.

Where have you disappeared to?

Kone said...

Look at this abandoned blog.
It's absence of entries puts me in a fog.

I wonder in futility where it's author has gone.
Sick? Dead? Smoking a bong?

I suppose no one will know
why the story is over

Red Rover Red Rover let Zoloft come over.

Cap'n said...

Bring back zoloft mom....heard from the masses...