Monday, September 22, 2008

monday news

well, folks, it's monday and there's just not much happening around here.

k did just come home from soccer practice, though. and as he walked through the front door he informed me that he had FIVE babies in his tummy that were going to be born in FIVE weeks.

so stay tuned. we should be having some excitement in a little over a month.

UPDATE: after his bath K was seen to be nursing a small creature that looked like a rabbit. perhaps there was a premature delivery? and does this mean i'm a grandmother?!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


am feeling sooo uninspired lately.

or is it just tired?

or maybe i'm one of those bloggers who can't keep up the posts for longer than a year.

whatever the case, nothing seems funny enough, clever enough, interesting enough for the blog these days. and quite frankly, i am finding it depressing that the only thing i can think of to write about is the laundry or my dirty house. is that what my life has been reduced to?

i'm going to keep trying to find some inspiration.. somewhere.

but for now, i've got nothing.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


"hey! i know! wet's draw a picture of jesus!
wif wots of swords and guns and wight sabers and stuff
to chop people's heads off!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

deceptive calm.

this morning at church i was once again fooled into believing that my children were maturing and my life would possibly, someday be calm.

to my right, E sat peacefully coloring.
K snuggled quietly on my shoulder, content to have me hold him for the moment.


i felt something wet and slimy running down my chest, pooling in my bra...

and realized that K had been intentionally drooling down the front of my shirt.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

first day of preschool

sometimes when you are three years old,
preschool, no matter how inviting
can seem kind of intimidating and scarey.

and when it's time to leave for school
on the first day
you get kind of nervous.

so when mommy wants to take a picture
of you on your big day
it feels like the hardest thing in the world
to turn around and smile.

(p.s.: E wants you to know that he started FIRST GRADE
last week and he was kind of nervous too
but now he's just having fun.)

Friday, September 5, 2008

to good to be true

K and i had been out shopping on a very hot, wednesday afternoon.

the trip had gone well thus far, and i was particularly pleased to notice, as i made my way back to the car, that the nearby frozen yogurt shop was offering "99 cent waffle cone wednesday".

i assessed the situation. K, while napless, was relatively calm and i calculated that we had just enough time to down some frozen yumminess before E would need to be picked up from school.

we entered the cool, air conditioned shop and i noticed that the line was long. no worries. K was busy studying the frozen yogurt cakes in the display case, happily distracted.

as i approached the counter to place my order K rejoined me and stood quietly at my side. what a good boy, i thought. he's getting so big! so grown up! and i enjoyed a little warm moment in my heart as i considered this fact.

i was still congratulating myself as i fished for change in the bottom of my purse, and as K continued to follow me quietly to the cash register.

i don't know what it was, actually, that made me stop and glance down at my son before heading to our table. maybe i heard a little giggle. or maybe i just thought waaaait a second, he's been quiet for a really long time...

but when i did...

there was my three year old pride and joy, standing with the biggest grin on his face...

hands on his hips...

with his shorts pulled down around his knees and his penis poking out of the top of his underwear.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

it's come to this

check out the little gem that greeted me from my inbox this morning:

Dear Zoloft,
When the HELL are you gonna update that stinking blog? Some of us need that like our morning coffee and here you are just putzin around, eating your bon bons, wearing your fuzzy slippers and enjoying two boys in school. WTF. GET OFF YOUR ASS AND UPDATE THAT DAMN BLOG!!


(name withheld) appears that some individuals feel that my recent blog break has been a bit too lengthy.

and while i would never want to condone such vulgarity, i do admit that i have been a bit lazy.

so, dear readers, i thank you for your gentle, loving encouragement and i promise to get back to the posting soon.

see you then!