Tuesday, September 9, 2008

first day of preschool

sometimes when you are three years old,
preschool, no matter how inviting
can seem kind of intimidating and scarey.

and when it's time to leave for school
on the first day
you get kind of nervous.

so when mommy wants to take a picture
of you on your big day
it feels like the hardest thing in the world
to turn around and smile.

(p.s.: E wants you to know that he started FIRST GRADE
last week and he was kind of nervous too
but now he's just having fun.)


rents said...

ok. grandma french fry is crying now. Too, too cute. gff

el said...

those are some super cute kiddos!

where's the picture of mom sipping a latte while kid free at starbucks? how did YOU like your first day???

el said...

OR were you out playing TENNIS?

ha ha.

rents said...

I bet you went out and had your nails done. And ate bon-bons.
You deserve it.

daysgoby said...


zoloft mom said...

well... i folded laundry(in a peaceful house). i know that sounds lame but it was pure joy to fold (just once... no one was there to unfold) and put away all in one sitting! i promise to try to do something really relaxing next time. now, where can i get my hands on some bon bons? :)

el said...

ooooh. laundry. and quiet. that sounds *wonderful*.

Kone said...


Kone said...

El - we need to address your severe lack of perception when addressing the meaning of the word "wonderful". A massage is wonderful. Chocolate is wonderful. Michael Phelp's chest is wonderful. Laundry is not wonderful.

el said...

kone, i stand by my previous comment. laundry PLUS quiet? wonderful doesn't even BEGIN to describe it!

my standards are pretty low lately, i admit.

[of course, i wouldn't mind a massage to go WITH the laundry! or chocolate! husband reads this blog sometimes so i won't comment on phelps. ;)]