Saturday, September 20, 2008


am feeling sooo uninspired lately.

or is it just tired?

or maybe i'm one of those bloggers who can't keep up the posts for longer than a year.

whatever the case, nothing seems funny enough, clever enough, interesting enough for the blog these days. and quite frankly, i am finding it depressing that the only thing i can think of to write about is the laundry or my dirty house. is that what my life has been reduced to?

i'm going to keep trying to find some inspiration.. somewhere.

but for now, i've got nothing.


Anonymous said...

I hear ya.

el said...

word twist

rents said...

I look forward to any lame, boring, uninspired words you may offer up - good days, bad addicted to zoloft mom! gff

Fashion Paramedic said...

Wanna know something? I'm right there with ya. My life is going down a whole new path right now, and it's taking all of the light that I was shining on my blog. (Does that make sense?) I want to succeed on this particular path, and just don't feel much like blogging these days. Does that ever go away?!