Thursday, August 14, 2008

what to do when you accidently send your load of whites throught the dryer with a red crayon

1. cuss.

2. attempt to blame someone other than yourself.

3. cuss.

4. keep laundry in the dryer. shut dryer door.

5. eat a fudgescicle.

6. go to the park in effort to forget the situation.

7. rediscover problem upon return home.

8. cuss.

9. attempt to inspect dryer interior. discover red streaks of crayon everywhere.

10. close dryer door again.

11. go to the kitchen and pour self a stiff drink.

12 . sit on the couch, check email.

beyond that i'm stumped.

anyone have any ideas?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

home again, home again

i am focusing on the above picture today because:

1. it contains my beautiful nephew, upon whose face i shall never tire of gazing.
2. it reminds me of a happier time, a time when my children were not bugging the shit out of me.

and someone? anyone? please remind me next time
that saturday (the day before sunday/church day)
is maybe not the best day
to bring exhausted children back
from a fun-filled vacation with their grandparents.

i'd like to think that if we had had even one more day to rest things could have turned out differently.

1. K would not have told my pregnant friend she was going to have an evil baby with a monster head.

2. it would have ocurred to neither E nor K to jump on stage as church was starting in order to show everyone the new, cool BAD GUY laugh that grandpa donut taught them. (MWAA-ha-ha-ha-ha-haaaaaa!!!!).

3. when greeted by an adult, they would have been able to think of something a bit more polite than, "YOU ARE A POOPY HEAD!" or " I THINK YOU HAVE A STUPID POOP NOSE!" to say in return.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

on your mark, get set, stop.

it is the way of summer.

just when i was getting back in the groove, we are once again headed off to vacation. it's a real vacation.. no email, no blogging, no cell phone, just family, food and the beach.

i'll be back in a week!