Thursday, August 14, 2008

what to do when you accidently send your load of whites throught the dryer with a red crayon

1. cuss.

2. attempt to blame someone other than yourself.

3. cuss.

4. keep laundry in the dryer. shut dryer door.

5. eat a fudgescicle.

6. go to the park in effort to forget the situation.

7. rediscover problem upon return home.

8. cuss.

9. attempt to inspect dryer interior. discover red streaks of crayon everywhere.

10. close dryer door again.

11. go to the kitchen and pour self a stiff drink.

12 . sit on the couch, check email.

beyond that i'm stumped.

anyone have any ideas?


rents said...

Red? Red is good.
1. Transfer everything back to the washer.
2. Dye it red.
3. Back to the dryer.
4. Have another stiff drink.
5. Enjoy the new wardrobe.

marymurtz said...

Oh man, that just happened to us a few months ago. We just had to get new socks, new undies, etc.

The dryer filter has a permanent wax line across it. My daughter apologized for leaving a crayon in her pocket.

Have another fudgesicle.

Kone said...

Well, I think your best bet is to get a new dryer. And the best way to do that is to get a new house. And the best place for you to get a new house is Chicago.
So, move to Chicago.

mems said...

happened to us as well, red too. we ran everything through on hot about 7 times and it came out of a lot of fabrics so we saved a good number of items. other stuff is pink-ish (the new power color), and i threw about 3 things out. it didn't get worse, but it didn't fix the solution.

Live, Laugh, Blog said...

If you're looking to clean the dryer, I've heard that those Mr. Clean Magic Erasers take crayon off walls. Maybe they would work to clean the dryer too? As for the clothes, I have no idea, but the internet is a great place to find out. Do a search for getting crayon out of clothing.

Good luck!


Ross said...

You're going to reset the defrinteration cap on the back of constant rate converter drive housing assembly. Pretty sure that and a stiff drink ought to do it.