Thursday, September 4, 2008

it's come to this

check out the little gem that greeted me from my inbox this morning:

Dear Zoloft,
When the HELL are you gonna update that stinking blog? Some of us need that like our morning coffee and here you are just putzin around, eating your bon bons, wearing your fuzzy slippers and enjoying two boys in school. WTF. GET OFF YOUR ASS AND UPDATE THAT DAMN BLOG!!


(name withheld) appears that some individuals feel that my recent blog break has been a bit too lengthy.

and while i would never want to condone such vulgarity, i do admit that i have been a bit lazy.

so, dear readers, i thank you for your gentle, loving encouragement and i promise to get back to the posting soon.

see you then!


rents said...

Hurray! I love your beautifully vulgar correspondent! I have been faithfully checking every day, but being the non-interfering wonderful type of mother I am, I have been quietly and patiently waiting. Besides, El has been sitting on me, and won't let me scream or nag .... Hurray! Now get your sorry ass writing! So much to catch us up on - move it, girl! grandma french fry

Anonymous said...


el said...

Oh phew. She speaks for all of us.