Sunday, July 27, 2008

boys and dolls

yeah, yeah. i know i promised an update but really, did you think i could pull that together on a sunday?

get real. plus, my batteries on my camera died.

so here's a story from the here and now. why live in the past? life is all about the present, man!

about a month ago i was at the thrift store with K and he discovered an old barbie doll in one of the bins. he thought she was "sparkly" and asked if he could have her and i thought," why not?" for 25 cents she seemed like a bargain.

as is usually the case with thrift store treasures, our barbie was brought through the front door and promptly forgotten. (who needs a silly ol' doll when you can pretend to cut your brother's limbs off with a light saber, right?)

but this morning, for some reason, she's been resurrected.

about an hour ago i watched as K spotted the dollie and fished her out of the toy drawer. E was interested, too, and the first thing they did was strip her of her clothes.

"she needs a bath!" they cried as they raced towards the bathroom.

the stripping of the doll had been a little weird for me. (uhhh, naked dollies? i don't know if that's appropriate. will playing with a naked barbie turn you into a pedophile someday?)

but watching them at the bathroom sink, happily playing together as they soaped barbie's body and washed her hair, i decided i didn't really care. i was getting a minute of peace, wasn't i?

but just now as they brought her to the kitchen table to dry her off and to give her a haircut i heard K exclaim in a voice filled with wonder,

"hey! she has weally big wips!..."

"... and wow! she has weally, weally big BRAS!!"

i think it's time to put barbie away.


rents said...

She looks weally, weally, they did a weally good job washing her, huh? gff

el said...

leave it to a man to comment on *that* and not her beautiful hair or her charming personality. they start young, eh?

[he is right, you know. they are ginormous.]

Scott Ray Randall said...

Livvy's barbies are always naked. It's never bothered me except for one time when she was using her toy camera to take pictures of naked barbie in various poses on the couch. That was a little weird. But as long as she's on the right side of the camera I guess...

Jan said...

"She has really big bras!" That is so funny!! Thanks for the great laugh.