Tuesday, July 29, 2008

one of them days.

all i have to say is this:

if you're rushing to pick up your babysitter
(whose car broke down)
in the half an hour between swimming lessons
and when you absolutely have to leave for your first therapy appointment
(for those panic attacks you've been having lately)
and you decide to pick up happy meals for the kids on the way
because it's the fastest lunch you can think of..

just please double check
before you get on the freeway
that the cheeseburgers you ordered
are actually in the bag.

this will save you a lot of hassle.

especially if it's rush hour.


'rents' said...

I hurt and I wasn't even there.


Kone said...

TERRIBLE TERRIBLE! Why would Ronald let us down this way? My faith is shaken.

Helmet said...

But that might deny you the fun that follows… McD’s will fuck up every sixth order. It’s like Russian roulette… without the death…

Mary Ellen said...

And the toys.
Because if you get a burger -- BUT NOT A KUNG FU PANDA ACTION FIGURE -- you might as well have an empty bag. Or else.

el said...

oh man! now i'm hungry for cheeseburgers. mmmm. and fries.

Anonymous said...