Monday, February 16, 2009


E was in his top bunk for quiet time this afternoon. he doesn't nap anymore so i had said it would be fine if he did some drawing instead. (i don't really care as long as i get some peace and quiet for a half an hour, obviously.)

i stopped by the door of his room to check on how he was doing at the same time that he launched a crumpled up piece of paper at the garbage can next to me.

he missed and i bent to pick up the paper.

E: "no, mommy! don't look at that!"

me: "E, i was just going to throw it away."

E: (looking relieved) "oh, okay.. just don't look at it."

me: "what is it, honey? is it your poem from earlier today?*"

E: "um, nooo... it's WAY naughtier."

i was intrigued, of course. being the wonderful mommy that i am, and since i value my children's right to privacy i tossed that crumpled ball right into the garbage and left it there.

until tonight, when i had to take a little peek.

*while on a playdate in the morning, E, trying to be the very naughtiest he could be, had written a poem with the words "tenders" (latest first grade word for "testicles") and "privits".


rents said...

He's the naughtiest - but he is the BEST drawer in the first grade! Hilarious! gff

el said...

hahahahahaha! that's one to save!

Ross said...

Wait, looking at the picture, I thought he was drawing MY privits! Imagine my relief!

Mary said...

Oh God, that is funny!

Kone said...

Zoloft Mom, this is Marissa (one of Erin's friends). I HAVE GOT TO MEET YOU AND E. We're meant to be friends. :)