Thursday, February 5, 2009

when i'm big

K and i were driving in the car, enjoying a gorgeous, sunny day.

me: "K, this day is so pretty, i think we need to have our windows rolled down!"

K: "can i have mine down, too?"

me: "well, just a bit. but not too far because kids can't really have their windows all the way down."

K:"why not?"

me: "because sometimes it makes kids want to stick their hands out of the window and that is just dangerous."


K: "mommy, when will i be big enough to drive?"

me: " when you are sixteen years old. like kayla (the babysitter)."

K: "when i am sixteen i will drive all by myself!"

me: "yep!"

K: " and put my arm out the window..."

me: "sure!"

K: "and listen to NPR... and watch the inauguration..."

i think i'm going to like that kid when he gets older. :)

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rents said...

This kid is gonna be alRIGHT. gff