Friday, August 31, 2007


dress up has always been a big hit around here. and lately, play doh has taken up lots of our play time as well. so it came as no surprise to me when E cryptically declared while playing play-doh yesterday that he was making "a secret disguise".

now you are smarter than me and so when i tell you there was lots of giggling going on during this creative time you will certainly guess that something was amiss. but at 5 pm i am never very smart so i was oblivious.

that's why i was completely caught off guard when E delightedly raised two dough breasts (complete with nipples and play doh ties for fastening) to his chest in a fit of hysterical giggles.

"are those BOOBIES?!?!?" i blurted..

(what?! can you believe i said this?!!!! i've been so careful for FIVE years ensure that word does not enter my home!! where did that come from?!?)

"BOOBIES!! BOOBIES!! BOOBIES!!", yelled K as i desperately tried to regain my composure and figure out what to do.

after spending a moment "looking for the milk" (read: getting a hold of my own giggles) in the fridge, i decided that acting nonchalant would be my best approach.

"that's fine, E. there's nothing funny about breasts. you made some breasts so you could disguise yourself as a lady! that was very creative."

to which E sweetly responded,"yeah, mommy. and next we're going to make a big, huge PENIS!"

as K shouted, "BOOBIES!"

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Rob Friggin Brandt said...

Can he make a pair of those for me as well? I could use a set, you know, just for the down time.