Friday, August 31, 2007

bus ride bible lesson

went to the state fair today with some friends. we rode the bus and the big boys were sitting together in their own seat. at one point i noticed they were whispering together when E's friend justin turned around and said to his mom,

"mom! is jesus dead?"

to which his mom replied, no (they have a friend named jesus, apparently), that he was just six years old.

justin: "no! the other jesus! is that one dead?!"

his mom: "yes, yes he is..."

(at this point i could tell she was getting uncomfortable. poor girl. so hard to be the friend of a pastor's wife...)

jason:"well, could you please explain that to E? he says he's alive!"

mom (to E): "oh, um, er, well, i guess he is. he's like a spirit. but he did die..."

E just sort of sat there confused for a minute and i wondered what he was going to do. i could tell he was wanting to listen to jason's mom, you could see the thoughts churning around in his head.. when he suddenly sat up very straight, stuck out his chin and said in a loud voice:

"no, he's NOT. jesus is ALIVE and i KNOW he is!!"

and turned around to continue his evangelizing to his little friend.

(i was so proud... what a little missionary child i have, i thought. what a sweet boy, such a product of his father... just wait til i tell my mother-in-law... )

oh look! they were whispering some more!

me: "what are you guys talking about now?"

E : "now we're talking about how we're going to POKE jesus' EYES out with pencils!!"

oh dear..

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