Friday, August 24, 2007

private parts

what's up with private parts, anyway?

we are obsessed at our house.. i mean really obsessed!
i guess i always thought that when it became an issue that the talk about the parts would be brief and clear. private parts are just that: private. enough said.

but nothing is ever brief or clear when dealing with a five year old, especially mine. the questions always come:

"well, can i show aiden my penis when we are at the park?"


"can i show him my penis when we are going wee wee together?"

no, wait. when were you going wee wee together? should you even be doing that? i guess that's all right.. but no, the answer is still no.

"but....can aiden and i make a secret club called the Private Parts Club where we just talk about our penises together?"



Kone said...

I do no know why the fact that YOUR son wants to discuss his private parts is such a shock. You talk about private parts all the time.

Kone said...

PLUS. Don't men always show each other their penises in the bathroom? I thought that was the primary venue for size comparison.

Scott Ray Randall said...

L, I happen to be personally familiar with E's fascination with "private parts".... I remember it like it was yesterday... it was the jumphouse.... it was evening...a birthday party. When I was told by E that I was going to be kicked in my "VAGINA"... wow! good times... Liz.

Scott Ray Randall said...

Or of course there was the time when walking down the street a loud shrieking sound bellowed downwind. Looking up, I witnessed E's naked body pressed against the large unobstructed window. Very nice. Liz.