Tuesday, June 3, 2008

he stopped it, though

K would like you to know that he was not hurting the Bitch,
he "was just wiggling her eyes and peeking in dem
to check and make sure dere was still bwood in dem. "
"i stopped (doing) it, though."


claire f.s. said...

having personally experienced the antics of the Bitch, I fully condone K's medical experiment and applaud his interest at such a young age.

Kone said...

Poor, sad, tormented bitch.

And I really feel sorry for the dog, too.

Mary Ellen said...

Someday Dr. K will be paying your nursing home bills with his hefty insurance checks!

Gypsy at Heart said...

K is conscientious if nothing else. I'm thinking a legal career here when he grows up or pahaps something in pathology? He's quite the 'let's figure out why kid' isn't he?