Sunday, June 15, 2008

light sabers: a theme and variations

someone has been a bit obsessed lately.


Gypsy at Heart said...

Elementary, my dear Darth Vader.

Gad that's cheesy but I couldn't resist Z-mom.

marymurtz said...

Why are you sitting around drawing when you're supposed to be tending the sick? I suppose you got hopped up on margaritas last night and broke out the markers?

Well, I'm telling you, art school didn't work out for ya.


OH! The kid drew them.
They're very cute.

Kone said...

Man. I love your kid. I LOVE him.

Formerly Fun said...

Sometimes a light saber is not JUST a light saber(scratches her chin in a Freudian way), as my husband could tell you:

My 7 year old is likewise borderline obsessed with them.

Mary Ellen said...

Oh dear. I looked quick at the picture and thought they were place settings. Although mostly knives. Which limits what you can eat! (I am obsessed with food lately, I guess!

Ross said...

that is hilarious plus brilliant.