Monday, June 9, 2008

mommy brain drain

uh oh.

i gots no more big words and i talk bad.

where did all the good words go in my brain? i used to know lots!

am i a dummy?

can't think of any grown up words. that's bad!

anybody else have this too?

please help!

how do i get smarter again?

what do you do to make your brain stay good?


Fashion Paramedic said...

I think something's in the water around here! Just a few minutes ago, I told a friend that I was all out of funny. I have no idea where that went either. But John Heffron's coming to the Punchline this weekend. Maybe if I go see him, I'll get some funny back.

rents said...

ZM is a good girl. She is a very good girl. And a smart girl. Very very smart. And cute.

Kone said...

I know the answer to this!


sissa said...

you know how your kids are getting smarter? well, that's where your smarts are going-directly to them. you've gotta get rid of them to save yourself.

Mrs. Greer said...

Your label was what's another word for there another word? LOL

el said...

well, just teach them grown up words. like me. my son - age almost 5 - said "shits!" today (with emphasis) when he lost a game. (maybe he learned this from his dad? i prefer the singular "shit" myself.)