Sunday, May 4, 2008

long post, no pictures, maybe interesting only if you know me.

this week and last have brought me some crap, true that.

but surprisingly, there have been a handful of not-at-all crappy occurrences that i think are worth mentioning.

1. i am going to start volunteering at a local clinic: i've been feeling like a big loser since quitting my job last november and have been DESPERATELY NEEDING to do something that uses my brain (in a different way than motherhood, of course. that's mentally challenging in it's own special way). so i hooked up with a clinic for moms and babies in my neighborhood and i start there next week monday! i'm just working for a few hours each week doing health assessments but i can't even tell you how excited i am about this.

2. on thursday i actually got a BABYSITTER and went out with ADULTS whose company i ENJOY to see the "this american life" movie! the movie was great (did anyone else see it?), conversation was interesting and i didn't have to break up any lightsaber fights or change even one poopy diaper. it was the best.

3. i got a grant!

if you know any "celebrity wives*" like myself, you know that our life, while glamorous, can also be quite lonely and can mess a girl up in the head.

so, some friends (also trophy wives) and i developed a proposal for building community for ourselves as we live this fishbowl life and submitted it to an organization that gives grants to people like us. it was kind of a crapshoot,( especially since we felt the best way to "build community" was to go out for dinner and drinks once a month together) but we sent it in anyway. what did we have to lose?

apparently nothing! i got a letter on friday informing me that we had been approved! free money! so i will be meeting with my fellow celebrity sisters once a month for dinner, all expenses paid, for the next year! expect very sane, well rounded posts to come.

and that's that.

so see? i can write posts that shock you and make you wonder if i'm doing okay, but there's also lots of good going on. and i really am doing much better.

*all this talk of "celebrity" and "trophy wife" got you lost? if you want to know my true identity, email me at, ask nicely and i might just tell you.


daysgoby said...


Oh my gosh a REALLY GOOD DAY, no?

rents said...

Fantastic!! I'm gonna need more details tho so hit the phone, sister. gff

el said...

i wanna be a trophy wife! well, only if i can be a trophy wife in your free dinners club. heck. what i really want is free dinner!

rents said...

maybe you can call it the"trophy wives club"

Live, Laugh, Blog said...

Good for you! While kids are wonderful, I have three, a person needs some adult time!

by the way, there's a gift for you over at my blog, Come on over and check it out!