Tuesday, May 6, 2008

new potty training tactic?

K: "mommy, i want to dwess up wike wuke skywalker."

me (distracted by the computer): "uh... okay."

K: " i need you to help me take my cwoze off."

me: "uh-huuhh.."

K (doing it himself because his mother is such a spaced out loser/woser): "i need you to help me take off my diaper."

me (suddenly sensing an opportunity but deciding to remain nonchalant) : "okay, but first you have to go wee wee on the potty."

K: "okay" (just like that, and then walks to the bathroom without fuss to urinate independently.)*


could it be that i've stumbled on something?

*this reminds me... i think this pee might still be sitting in the potty.


daysgoby said...

I say buy some light sabers now and make them a toy that only ocmes out after a successful potty trip!

Dave said...

the force is strong with this one.

claire f.s. said...

I wish L wiked Wuke Skywalker. We're presently watching "Elmo's Potty Time" for the third consecutive day. Right now they are singing a blue's inspired song about having the dirty diaper blues. My life is so cool.

claire f.s. said...
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