Friday, May 2, 2008

off we go

i was on the phone with M, no doubt complaining about some aspect of my day. it was, after all, friday afternoon.

M, who had had his own pretty terrible week, was understanding.

"wouldn't it be great to be able to get in a hot tub and just relax right now?" he wondered.

it was a question that would change our weekend.

"let's just do it!" was barely out of my mouth before we were both on our respective laptops, searching for a kid-friendly jacuzzi getaway.

and now, not an hour later, we're off! we're actually going! we're packing up the kids and heading to the embassy suites for some movies on demand, pizza in bed (E's dream), free happy hour and an indoor pool and jacuzzi.

because sometimes, when life hands you shit, you just have to drop everything and head out of town.


Ryter said...

Oooh YES!!! So totally agree. The kiddos are participating in a fairly local soccer tournament next weekend and I booked a hotel room...under the guise of wanting to be closer because of the 7 am game. Heh. Pizza in bed sonds pretty much a dream come true to me too!

claire f.s. said...


claire f.s. said...
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ross said...

This is much better than making shit-ade, which is what I kept doing when life handed my shit.

ross said...

correction: when life handed ME shit.