Thursday, May 15, 2008

wouldn't you know it?

wouldn't you know
that the day you are pushed to your breaking point
and decide that you have. had. enough.
and that the little shit just needs a little swat on his little butt to teach him a lesson...

that would be the day you pull down the pull-up
and instead of giving those cheeks
a quick little pat...
your hand ends up landing
on a butt full of poop.

i think it must be a sign.

i must never spank.

i mean, nothing like this has ever happened when i've locked them in the closet.


daysgoby said...

I was going to ask if today was better than yesterday?

But now I

I'd throw him a week long party. Just to make sure the pooping on the potty took.

marymurtz said...


Mrs. Greer said...

That's super! My almost 3 year old came running in naked, and just went I went to get her for being naked once again, she was covered, butt to foot and was running to clean herself up. Days like that are when you want to lock yourself in a closet.

Karen MEG said...

Well, the days that the poop will come up and bite ya are coming to an end, really they are!

I hear the 2nd child usually takes longer to decide they want to give their parents a break. Just cuz they can. Ugh.

Maybe some time in the closet would do you some good, as long as there are no surprises hidden for you there ;).

Ryter said...

My younger sis told me this story when HER kids were tweens and teens. The smart mouth just takes hold and is positively relentless. She was commisserating with her hubby and he asked what HER mother would have done if SHE'd spoken to her like their kids were doing. She said she'd be ducking. He looked at her and said 'So why aren't they?' I was horrified. But you know what? After this past kiddos are ducking as well. And they are a WHOLE lot more respectful.

Mary Ellen said...

Ooooh. There is a lesson here! (Do not spank bare tushie.)