Sunday, May 4, 2008

not relax-ey

putting K (back) to bed tonight, after catching him (for the second time) climbing the bunk bed ladder and poking his sleeping brother in the face.

me (tucking him in tight, wishing for some kind of restraint device, but resorting instead to the power of suggestion): "there... don't you feel sooo relaxed now?"

K: "no! i don't feel rewax-ey!! i feel vewwy getting uppey!!"


daysgoby said...

There are SO times when I wish it was legal and accepted to drug your children. Can't someone invent a cough-syrup popsicle?

Does he sleep with a lovey? Tell him if he gets out of bed his lovey will miss him. (It works *kinda* with R)

claire f.s. said...

Ahhh, restraint devices. It was only yesterday that I was at Target frantically searching for a plastic doorknob device designed to prohibit my toddler from being able to open her bedroom door. Of course, there are no models which will fit on her new freakishly fat doorknob, thereby ruing my life. I'm off to snort my Xanax and bury my head under a large pillow.