Thursday, May 15, 2008

pull-up head

K has now decided he will poop on the potty after he has a birthday (june 29).

"i go poop on da potty when it's my berfday, mommy."

"i going to go to da corner and do my poop now."

"hey! i feel it comeeng out! i pooped in my diaper!"

"okay, mommy! time for you to change it!"

would it be so bad if i threw him an early party and told him it was his birthday?

do you think tomorrow would be too soon?


Fashion Paramedic said...

Isn't it funny how they pull these milestone deadlines out of their butt?

My oldest (who will be five in June) ties everything he cannot do to the fact that he has not yet turned five.

"Sweetie--you really should come out with me so I can help you practice riding your bike."

"But mom, I'm not five yet. So I can't ride my bike."


"I'm getting a dog when I turn five."


marymurtz said...

Hell, if my parents could turn the clock forward two hours at 6:00 to convince me it was bedtime, you can tell the kid it's his birthday tomorrow.

Do it!