Monday, September 17, 2007

bedtime story

what am i going to do with this child?

was sitting down to read bedtime stories tonight and both E and K got to choose one book. K picked maisy and so we read a delightful tale of maisy finding panda in the toy box. nice and simple.

it was E's turn next and what did he choose but his new children's bible. i had that feeling right away like things were going to get more complicated fast.

me: how nice, E! what would you like to read? the story of when God made the world?

E: no, i want to read about when jesus died.

now, E has been a bit obsessed with this story. and while i would have loved to have read the tale yet again, there was a look in his eyes tonight that made me nervous. still, i tried to remain hopeful.

me: we sure do read that one a lot. it is a pretty cool story, huh?

E: yeah, but mostly i like it because i'm really into that kind of thing.

uh oh

me: uuuuh...what kind of thing is that?

E: you know, like killing and death and stuff.


me: oh....

E: and i'm really into God, mommy...

i need some tequila.

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