Tuesday, September 25, 2007

no late latte

let me just say, for the record, that 5 p.m. is too late to drink a latte.

you might try to tell yourself that it's hours away from bedtime and how could it possibly still have any effect at 11 at night?

but you will be mistaken. it has an effect. and the bitch will keep you awake until 1 a.m.

and so when your son comes to wake you up at 1:30 to tell you he has a headache and feels like he's going to puke you will not be at all rested and it will be hard to be a nice mommy.

and when he wakes you up once more at 4 to say he feels like he has a lot of phlegm in his throat and needs you to help him blow his nose you will only just have gone to sleep again. so you will be more tempted to curse violently under your breath and pull the covers over your head than to jump up joyfully to meet his every need.

which is why you should choose the decaf option at 5.

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