Monday, September 17, 2007

sandbox fun

i walk out the back door to the sound of E and justin playing in the sandbox. immediately, i notice the whispering and giggling are happening again.

uh oh. i'm not ready for this.

of course, as they notice me noticing them they try to act all nonchalant like nothing's up. but since they are five year olds (not very good at being sneaky) and since i have eyes like a hawk i know there is definitely something going on.

"what's happening, boys? what's all the whispering about?"

no response. just mad giggling.

"are you guys telling secrets?"

more crazed giggles. oooh, they are being sooooo obvious.

"now remember, guys, secrets can be fun and are okay sometimes but naughty secrets are never okay." (i know this argument is kind of weak but it's the best i can do on the spur of the moment. )

surprisingly, my weird logic seems to have some effect. "okay, mommy..." says E with a sigh, and the boys step aside, revealing two pointed mounds in the sand.

"what are those?" i ask, but even as the words come out of my mouth i know i don't want to hear the answer.

their response comes in maniacal unison as they race away in a fit of more hysterics.



i have only myself to blame.

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