Wednesday, September 26, 2007

playdate shmaydate

hmmmm.... a playdate this afternoon has left me in a very bad place. (note to self: never again schedule playdate when in a hormonal state.) i always have such a hard time with my self esteem after such events. i can't help but play the compare game and that never ends well.

and so i console myself with these truths:

1. i do not have to be anyone but myself.

2. i have two wonderful children of whom i am very proud.

and really, why should i care how big or clean my house is, whether i have the newest, trendiest halloween decor or if my son is on track with the latest educational standards when i have faces like this waiting for me at home?

1 comment:

Rob Friggin Brandt said...

he looks constipated. Is he getting enough fiber? I think you should add more fiber. Or at least some wood chips.