Friday, September 28, 2007

garage sale!

sorry i haven't been around to entertain you with my neuroses today. we're having a garage sale tomorrow and i've been getting ready!

none of my shit is worth anything, so i don't know why i'm bothering. maybe i'll just make a gigantic FREE sign, put it in the front yard and then gorge myself on coffee and donuts all day instead.

and while i should be getting rid of all the old baby clothes i have hanging around, i'm finding i'm way too attached to all of that shit to do anything with it yet. i know this probably means i'll be one of those grandmas trying to sell some funky outdated kids clothes in twenty years, but i swear! i almost had an emotional breakdown today thinking about selling those sweet onesies and cute little sockies and adorable fuzzy sleepers with feet.

none of this matters anyway, since the moment E and K spot all the stuff i'm trying to sell they will throw big hairy fits and sabotage the whole deal. that's going to be awesome.

stay tuned..

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