Monday, October 1, 2007

saturday fun

i'm here! i'm here!

i know i've been a blogging loser but don't i get a break? i call myself zoloft mom and still you give me shit? besides, my other career leaves me VERY busy on sundays with LOTS of INCREDIBLY important work to do.

i'm sure you've been dying to know how the garage sale turned out. i can see you now: checking the blog every few hours, unable to get it out of your mind, desperate to know how things went...

well,we sold a lot of stuff and made enough money to get some take out that night (always a treat). i didn't put a free sign out but did eat way too many donuts. after that i was just too tired for much of anything.

here are some pics for your viewing enjoyment:

K and friend find new home in old shelf

K putting gravel in stereo

E and K rescuing old dirty catepillar from free pile

M being ridiculous in the hope of getting posted on blog

i would have more pictures of E but he and justin were strung out on donuts in the backyard. i think they were ripping branches off my fruit trees or kicking each other's asses or something.

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