Wednesday, October 31, 2007

all hallows fun

so now i will join with the millions of my mommy blogging sisters and post pictures of my children dressed in their holiday foolishness. although, since it's me you're dealing with you will not see any lovely, posed photos of cherubic children sitting quietly pre-sugar rush to model mommy's handiwork. not because i think that's stupid... i'd love to show off my work.

nope. i just forgot, of course.

so here's what i do have:

captain mystery flaunts his stuff (wings belong to fairy in back). he
chose to wear a winter glove on his right hand in honor of annakin skywalker
who famously lost his hand battling count dukoo. this had nothing
to do with his costume.

CM's sidekick "diaper man" looks adorable in complete costume for about
five minutes. masks were quickly removed, as they were found to obstruct almost
all peripheral vision.

trick-or-treating with peeps in the hood.
(this had high potential for disaster, as E and justin have been acting like
fools the past few times they have hung out.
never fear.. a few not-so-veiled threats of flushing candy down the toilet for
bad behavior and they turned into angels. ok, maybe "angels" is a bit extreme but hey,
nobody punched anyone in the face. i think that's progress!)

cat that followed us home and remains on my porch even as i type this blog.

brother of above cat, who also has taken up residence on my front step.

gorging ourselves on candy until we felt like doing handstands.
(K: "i wike candy, mommy! i wike wowwipops!")

one of two children who succumbed to sugar coma within 60 seconds of
head hitting pillow.


Anonymous said...

Making Halloween costumes for your kids is like having a garage sale - You think it's a good idea about 2 weeks before the event, and during the event, you promise yourself "Never Again!", but you always do. I used to make KT's, too ('s in my blood). Great Job on your Super Heros! They look GREAT!!! What's up with the kitties?

-Amy ;o)

gff said...

Great superheroes! Who's the babe in the red pumps? Oh, and KEEP the kitties. gff

Scott Ray Randall said...

gff: It's me- the "babe in red pumps". (otherwise known as Liz The Neighbor). The pink-winged fairy is my daughter, Livvy. We had a great time trick-or-treating. Those kitties were so fluffy and adorable!

Kone said...

I agree with GFF. The kitties should be kept. Especially since Rufus was catnapped. Costumes are ROCKIN'cool. What did YOU wear? Your Captain Zoloft cape?

rich said...

Grandpa Rich says keep the kitties

i hate my dog said...

let's see... cat pee on your rug, shelling out the cash for food, cleaning out kitty litter boxes...

the kitties lose.

now, i know a nice doggie if you want one...


notary public said...

Enjoy it. Those were the greatest years. I miss when my kids were young. Teenagers are not cute or friendly. Your zoloft dose will go up.

zoloftmom said...

a note to all about the felines. we found out they belonged to some neighbors down the street. so, after much weeping and carrying on our furry friends were returned to their proper home.

we are now in the market for a pet.