Wednesday, October 17, 2007

hey, stupid

K has been a crazy man this week. he has recently learned that he can push his mother's buttons by saying naughty words and so tries this any chance he gets.

like today at trader joe's when he yelled, "BYE, DUMBHEAD!!!" to our cashier as we walked out the door.

"HEY, STUPID!!" is another favorite. he is indiscriminate with this one and fires it off at random.

and i about choked when he came up with "YOU'RE A STINKY BALLS!" the other day as we were driving in the car.

but the best one is a result of the boys learning about the game "king of the castle".

i don't think they even have a clue how to play the game but they love to yell, "i'm the king of the castle! you're the dirty rascal!!".

the latter part morphed into "you're the dirty master!!!" for a while, and that was annoying enough. but then today as we passed a sweet white haired grandma in the grocery store parking lot K yelled in a sing-song voice,


needless to say, the look on her face told me she thought she had heard something else.


moooooog35 said...

My four year old has started saying "meengya" which may be a regional thing, but something I've heard all my life (it's Italian slang for penis):

..anyway..I asked him where he heard it. He pulled the old:

"You say it."


Yet another reason why my wife is right. I need to keep my mouth shut.

suchsimplepleasures said...

we get comments from our almost 4 year old're an itch (you know which word he really means), stinky butthole (thank you my dear older children), a...hole(many time outs later, we may have nipped that one). i try so hard not to laugh but, it is an embarrassing sort of way. I'm thinking, maybe he shouldn't be in the car with me during rush hour!