Tuesday, October 23, 2007

adventures in spelling

E is in kindergarten now and the big thing he is learning is reading "sight words". he now has a whole list of words with which he is becoming familiar enough to read without sounding out.

the first of these he learned was the word "the" and it is the one he knows the best so far. he recognizes it everywhere! i had no idea how ubiquitous that little combination of letters was but it really is all over town. even so, E never tires of the hunt as we drive around, which is exactly what was happening as we headed to target yesterday.

"t-h-e!!! look mommy, t-h-e!!"

"yeah, E. that's so cool! you found it!"

"hey, there it is again!!" (10 seconds later) "i found t-h-e again! mommy! i found it!!"

"yep, you sure did! great job!"

(30 seconds after that) "mommy!mommy!!..."

and so on and so forth. you get the picture.

this whole time, K is sitting quietly by in his carseat, soaking up the whole scene. he's not talking but i can tell as i glance back at him that his mind is going a mile a minute.

E pipes up again, "MOMMMY! i can't believe it! t-h-e! again! t-h-e!!!! right over there!"

at which point i hear K reply with something that sounds like "t-u-s dah or!"

E stops. i'm confused. K is clearly very pleased with himself by the look of delight on his face. but what did he say?

"what did you say, K? are you spelling, too?"

he repeats himself, "t-we-s dah org!!"


and then it hits me:


i'm so proud.


moooooog35 said...

Talk about proud:

My son recognized a banner that said:


..at a local car dealership. Now THAT'S being proud.

..he also knows any Dunkin Donuts when he sees it. Attribute that to my wife's addiction to coffee.

ross said...

watch that K... pretty soon he'll be stealing your Visa to pledge online at the Leadership Circle level. The first clue is when you start getting travel mugs and other thank you premiums in the mail.

el said...

quick! someone teach e another word, like "and" or maybe "so" or "or"... at least then you'll get some variety.

as for k... he needs to start watching some cbs or nbc or the food network. that darn big bird is so pushy about the pbs.org! back off, bird!

suchsimplepleasures said...

how funny! my daughter, when she was in kindergarten, learned to spell the word boot and the her dad's name, eric. every 15 seconds, she would walk up to me carrying a piece of paper with the sentence "eric is boot"...constantly. we still think it's funny...eric is boot...i mean, what the heck does that mean? kids...