Friday, October 12, 2007

sad boy

do you see this boy?
and do you see this boy's tear?

why does the boy look sad?

because his mommy will not give him cookies.

no cookies for the boy?

oh no, the boy had one cookie.
but he wanted another.
his mommy said 'no'.

and so this boy threw a fit.
a very big fit.
a fit for more cookies.

this boy is tired.

poor one-cookie boy.


A :o) said...

poor one cookie boy :)

i currently have a 10y.o. poor "can't kill your brother" boy ... serenity now serenity now


Scott Ray Randall said...

You know who is currently throwing a "no coffee fit, no more chocolate fit, no ice cream fit, no shinys, fit, no cookies fit, no more staying awake fit".... Mommy is now celebrating the lift of her no more tequila fit.


Anonymous said...

Poor, poor one cookie boy! Just wait, ZM, I have a poor, poor, one-piercing girl...

Addicted to your posts!!!
Love all of you!
(tell M keep up the texts!)