Monday, October 8, 2007

good day

well, at least i know why ours has been a house of whiny, irritating people lately. we all woke up this morning with cases of booger nose and sore throats. ah, winter colds. how i've missed thee.

in other news, my beloved monkeys have been acting like gems today (save for a little run-of-the-mill pummeling and standard head whomping). they really haven't been annoying me at all! isn't that strange?

they've been playing together so nicely. i woke up to find them in the corner in their newly created "breastfeeding spot", sweetly nursing their stuffed animals. i guess this is what happens to the children of baby nurses. no bottles for our teddy bears!

then they were reading together in the hallway for a good ten minutes! usually when they are together that long and QUIET it means that someone has either been knocked unconscious or has been bound and gagged.

later they were side by side on the floor drawing together. E was kindly showing his two year old brother how to draw guns and other killing apparatuses. i think this particular lesson was on "how to draw a double-barreled KX124 blaster". sweet sibling harmony.

we closed the day with stories together on the bed. E requested a halloween story because "i'm way more into that holiday than the other ones like christmas. i like all the dead, scarey people and stuff." i chose to ignore my inner fears of raising a psychopath and oblige him just this once.

now M is out playing basketball and i'm realizing that a sore throat is a very good excuse to ingest a very large bowl of ice cream with no guilt. (pay no mind to the number of times that i find excuses for consuming desserts.)

it's been a good day.


Anonymous said...

Zoloftmom, I'm very proud that my sons are accomplished breast-feeders at such a young age. . . they're on the fast track to some day being bra-models. (or is it "bro", or "manssiere"?) --your husband, zinfandeldad.

Heather said...

Your boys are cute. Thanks for the comment. My husband says I'm crazy all the time and when he read the soap post he said, "you're nuts". Then he noticed that someone named "zoloftmom" had already commented. He began typing frantically to his friend Nick to show him that I'm not only crazy but now attracting other crazy moms. They make us crazy, that's what I say.