Monday, October 22, 2007

enaugh ir

to the person who reviewed my blog (on linkreferral) and wrote,

"The third picture is bad. This child has not enaugh ir for life.."

were you referring to the photo of my son in a laundry hamper? did you mean to say that you were worried about the sufficiency of AIR that was able to reach him while inside this mesh basket?

well, i thank you for your concern. i do realize that my posts may seem very serious in nature as they appear to tackle some very heavy subjects,

such as children locking themselves in cages.

and pica.

and feces contaminated bathwater.

and the very sobering topic of parents withholding food from their children.

but i assure you that i would never, never, never lock my child in a real cage or any other container.

and if i did, it would only be if it was absolutely necessary..

and even then i would take the advice of one of my readers and be sure to poke holes in the lid.


moooooog35 said...

I TOLD you you'd need to poke some airholes in that thing.

Kone said...

"enaugh ir"?
Are you Irish or just a really shitty speller?