Wednesday, October 3, 2007

our afternoon

things are not improving.

first, it was Walk Your Ass To School Day (or something like that) which is never good when you live on the farthest end of the district.

in addition, for this one it appears to be Act Like A Demon Child Day, Disrespect Your Mother Day and Beat Your Brother Over The Head Day. here is a picture of him observing Don't Give A Shit That You're In Time Out Day:

for the older brother it seems to be Draw All Over Your Body Day and maybe Take Your Underwear Off And Pretend Like You're A Superhero Day.

you can probably guess that i'm celebrating Start Drinking Early Day and Take Your Family Out For Dinner Night.

1 comment:

Jenn loves Derek said...

I saw you on Dawn's Blog. The name caught me. I love it! After reading your post, I just want to tell you I get it! I do not drink alcohol and was not temted at all in highschool or college, but after having kids I have been temted to (self medicate.) My dad and sis are recovering alcoholics, so I know genetically I would most likely be addicted. So Zoloft will have to do for me. (And Ice Cream!) We all have to medicate one way or the other.
hee hee hee.