Thursday, October 4, 2007


i'm tired today, fools!

didn't have much time for the blogosphere as i spent all day trying to make the laundry my bitch. it didn't work, though. i'm still the laundry's bitch.

in addition, my children continue to act as though they are possessed by demons. what is up with all the whining and fighting these days? and the head chopping, laser shooting and general violent behavior is at an all time high. if i get my torso cut in half by one more light- saber-wielding storm trooper i'm going to scream!

i swear, if i ever meet that george lucas i'm going to kick his ass.

this mommy is ready for a break.

well, i guess i'll go stare into space and drool a while before heading to bed.

1 comment:

suchsimplepleasures said...

since you are already getting beaten with light sabers, i'll send my little power ranger with his sword over to your house...he can "bam" (as he likes to call it) wouldn't notice one extra cut in the spleen...would you?