Thursday, April 24, 2008

awkward or awesome?

meeting your neighbor (with whom you only have a very casual, waving relationship and who you frequently see lounging in her front yard wearing only a nightgown as she plays with her 9 cats) in the grocery store and stopping for a little chat.

then, as you are about to say your goodbyes, your neighbor casually mentioning (in a very loud voice for the middle of the produce department) that she is "GETTING INTO PASSION PARTIES AND WOULD YOU LIKE TO HOST ONE AT YOUR HOUSE SOME TIME???"

followed by you mumbling something like, "yeah.. that sounds great..." (yet wondering how strange it would be to have your neighbor demonstrating the use of a "jelly clitteriffic" in your living room) as her face lights up.

and ending with her exclaiming, "WONDERFUL!! I'LL DROP SOME CATALOGS (which you know to be full of sex toys and dildos) BY YOUR HOUSE TOMORROW!"

so i can't decide.

weird? or totally great?


Kirsty said...

weird? or totally great?...weird! in fact totally weird!.....If you bought anything then your neighbour would know and when you would see her she'd give you a sort of knowing look. Might just be me who worries about stuff like that? Nice capitalization in the post though lol.

marymurtz said...

Trust me, you don't want a catalog or anything that is in it from someone with nine cats.

My niece went to one of those parties and said it was hilarious. But it was all her friends. Do NOT have that sort of connection with a neighbor. For the good of all humanity.

Kone said...

GREAT. SO great. Just when you think you've got her figured out, cat lady pulls some wicked move like this. and REALLY. I don't know anyone more qualified to throw a sex toy party than you. With your cat neighbor. I'm sorry, for the sake of future blogs, this must be done. Imagine the entertainment value.

claire f.s. said...

All I want to know is WHO this person is??? What color is her house? Any distinguishing traits? Nearest cross street? Make and model of car, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

One word: Threesome????

Now its creeepy!

Anonymous said...

One word: Threesome????

Now its creeepy!

el said...

Is one of her cats named Roofus?