Monday, April 28, 2008

big boys in beds

look at these big boys in their new, big boy bunk bed!
i scored this bed on craigslist yesterday and M set it up today.

E, who has said all along that he wants nothing to do with the top bunk,
jumped up as soon as it was set up and hasn't been down since.

K, who i thought for sure would have a hard time
giving up the security of his cage crib,
and that was the end of that.

and then there's me,
the one who couldn't wait to get her room back to herself after almost three years,
suddenly feeling that little twinge in my stomach that comes
from watching my children take another step towards growing up.


update: it is 8:34, a half an hour since we said goodnight.
K has been out of bed 4 times to chase the dog,
(who he suddenly decided he can't sleep without),
to put his sippy cup on the floor,
to take off his socks
and to remind me that he is going to wake me up in the morning.
E has climbed down twice and has now determined that there is NO WAY
he can rest unless he is on the bottom bunk and is threatening to cry.

the twinge is gone.


el said...

nice beds! i love craig and his list.

if i were you i'd hide the ladder and climb up in the top bunk when they're not looking. even if they did find you, they couldn't reach you and you could get some lovely z's all by yourself.

claire f.s. said...

Congrats on the big boy bunk beds! I am sure that after a brief adjustment period it will be all love.

I, too, shared a bunk bed with my sister. It was mostly awesome- that is, except for the time when I woke up to my sister's explosive bout of diarrhea dripping down onto my pillow and blanket. (Yes, I was to wimpy to sleep on top.) Of course, she slept right through this traumatic event.

I'm sure it will be better for you, though.

Karen MEG said...

Neat beds!!! I have a feeling we don't get our beds back until the kids are teenagers ... just my theory!