Friday, April 4, 2008

crying all the time

we were enjoying an early evening picnic dinner on the lawn.

E, quite sleep deprived on this thursday night, was easily distracted from the meal and instead kept jumping up to grab a weapon and engage in some imaginary battle going on around us.

his little brother, of course, was quick to follow.

each time i would ask them to please for the love of god STOP
and each time they would whine back, "awwwwww, whyyyyyyyy mommmmyyy?" as though mine was the most ridiculous request they had ever heard.

i tolerated this as long as i could (approximately 2 minutes) before i lost my mind.

"E!" i snapped, "do you know that when you were two like your brother we didn't even let you have any weapons at all?!?!? nothing! no guns or swords or anything!!"

E stopped. K put down his chicken nugget machine gun. this was too crazy to be true.

M chimed in. "yeah,E! when you were two you didn't even know what a gun was!"

both boys looked back at us, very solemn and silent.

after a moment K said very seriously,

"oh.... and was E just crying all the time?"

1 comment:

daysgoby said...

*losing it over here*

D'you think it when they went to school that we lost control?

Because mine comes home from Primary talking about guns and bombs and bullets and bad's like reading synopses of the Action Channel, for God's sakes....