Thursday, April 17, 2008

happy birthday, E!

look who turned six years old today!
(i am deciding to just think about the fun part about this fact
and not to linger too long on how these years have flown by and
how that makes me want to puke just a little bit. )

the day started on a celebratory note as we rang in the birthday
over sausages, eggs and toast. the children (especially K) were
jubilant after receiving the news that they
would not be eating cheerios and milk for the eighth morning in a row.

at breakfast K kept saying,
"when do we give E his BIKE?"
in a very loud, hard to ignore voice.
miraculously, E did not actually hear what his brother was saying but
we chose to open presents next, just to be safe.

E was delighted at the surprise gift of a new bike and
tried to make a case for staying home from school all day
just to practice riding it.

when i said, "that's fine, then mommy will just have to eat all those
chocolate cupcakes i made last night."
(secretly hoping somehow this would work out)
he was in the car within five minutes.

after school we headed to the park to test out the new ride
and to have a picnic of cheeseburgers and french fries with grandma c.

K, who didn't have a new ride, chased the bitch with a stick instead.

in the afternoon, while mommy rushed around frantically
trying to make the house look presentable/not stink for the party,
E relaxed on the couch with his comfy, new, batman neck pillow from auntie laura.

we ended the day with a backyard party filled with many of E's favorites:
people (neighbors), food (hot dogs, chips and chocolate cake)
and presents (weapons and star wars paraphenalia).

i'm no six year old, but i'd have to say it was a pretty damn good birthday.


daysgoby said...

That was NOT VERY NICE of K to chase his grandma with a stick!

hee. Sounds like a fantabulous, wonderful birthday...and I hope this year is his best yet!

Kirsty said...

Happy Birthday E, Sounds like you had a lovely day

marymurtz said...

Adorable post, but the comment that he chased the b**ch with a stick really made my day. I've wanted to chase someone with a stick many a day, and really, what better way to celebrate a birthday.

I assume you meant to type "bike?"

ZOLOFT MOM said...

the Bitch! the Bitch! not my mother in law! oh no! this is what happens when i post while exhausted. :)

please remember, everyone, that the Bitch is the DOG. the DOG.

must remember to proof read a little more carefully next time. ha!

claire f.s. said...


daysgoby- you just totally called grandma a Bitch!!!

tough crowd.

P.S.- Star Wars paraphernalia was coolest.

Jerseygirl89 said...

Happy Birthday E, sounds like you had a great day. Good job, mommy!

Jillayne said...

I can't believe my Squigs is 6 years old!

el said...