Sunday, April 6, 2008

i know, i know..

i haven't really been posting lately.

there are reasons, of course. here they are, no whining intended.

1. am completely uninspired. i think this has something to do with the fact that i have been stuck at home for most of the past three weeks. creative juices are just not flowing.

2. computer is broken. again. can you believe it? but this time i get an actual new one as a replacement. it's on its way.

3. gff and grandpa donut are here!! they got here on friday and are here for a week. and, since most of my posting is for them anyway, i'm taking it easy this week.

so i hope i'm back to normal soon and that you don't all leave during this little break.


el said...

have a great time! sit on the couch with your bum knee and have the folks bring you donuts and french fries! and diet coke... don't forget the diet coke.

and ice cream.

that should do it!

claire f.s. said...

nope, you forgot the chicken strips.

(after all you need your protein if that knee is ever going to heal properly.)

Kone said...

These are the same reasons you are not calling me on the telefono. Fine Fine. Enjoy your french fries and donuts and call me when they're gone.