Tuesday, April 15, 2008

drum set girl

K was counting family members.

"we have me... E... mommy... and daddy!" he paused, looking around.
then, "we used to have a sister but we don't have her anymore."

this was something new. i did a quick memory check. had i given birth to another child at one point and forgotten? no, definitely not. what then? was there something in our past that could have been mistaken as a sister that was now causing this conversation? i decided to dig deeper.

what was her name, K?

"hers name was drum set girl." (nodding) " she was fun. "

daddy caught wind of our convo and joined in.

"what did she look like?"

"oh, she have yewwow hair." (again, very confident.)

"oooh, yellow haired drumset girl! what happened to her?"

"she had to go bye bye. she was too bespensive."

and there you have it.


Dave said...

naming a kid "drum set girl" pretty much dooms her to a life of death metal bands and heroin. way to go. maybe you should put more thought into naming your imaginary children.

rents said...

Actually, we took her home with us. Drum set girl lives here now, and Crazy really likes her. She did tell us she was too bespensive and you couldn't keep her, so gramma's is the next best place, I'd say. gff

rents said...

sisters are nice, maybe you should get him one.

rents said...

You know what's really weird? "Drum Set Girl" was the name we had picked out for you at first!

ross said...

HAR! Good to get some funny boy stories again.

Gypsy at Heart said...

Do you think Gramma might take my child too since Rents is already sending her drum set girl? My kid is getting to bespensive too. Loved the post Zmom.

el said...

My daughter Eva, who is more or less the same age as K, says "inspensive". However you pronounce it, K's right... girls ARE.

Jerseygirl89 said...

Let K know that we will be using his name idea for baby #3, it has a certain tough ring to it that I think this kid will need.