Monday, April 7, 2008


friends, there is nothing more inspiring
than discovering a perfect thrift store jewel.
gff and i went out today for some second hand fun
and i scored these awesome old school pepsi superhero glasses for 99 cents apiece!

i can't decide whether to keep them or sell them,
but right now they're lined up on the counter
for me to gaze at their cloaked fineness and to gently caress their painted on tights.

damn, that wonder woman is hot.


Anonymous said...

Alright how much do you want for those treasures????? Those rock!!!!


The Immoral Matriarch said...

I want one! I want all of them! How much??

Kone said...

OMG. That is your best find EVER!! Do not sell them. Do not. You must drink from batman's cape forever, gaining his everlasting power and strength.

Scott Ray Randall said...

That is a really good deal. I bought a set like that a few years back and sold it on ebay for over $100. They're cool and all - but I can think of things I'd rather have for $100.


Anonymous said...

Good point Scott! You could buy 100 Glasses just like the ones you sold! Genius!!!!!!


Mrs. G. said...