Tuesday, April 29, 2008

is it really what's on the inside that counts?

E was like a little tornado as he came to give me a good night hug.

jumping from chair to chair, climbing up chair backs, springing onto the couch next to me then finally landing in my lap, all the time giggling wildly. (hey,was that a manic look i caught in his eyes? this was supposed to be bedtime!)

as he wrapped his arms around my neck to say good night, he pressed his flushed little face next to my ear and offered, in a crazed whisper:

"mommy! i'm an ALIEN inside!!!!!" then leaped to the floor and scurried off to bed.

and you know what? i believe him.

it just explains so much.


Kone said...

Well that makes perfect sense considering his parents.

Scott Ray Randall said...

I just hope for your sake that he's an alien inside rather than having an alien inside him. And if one does have to bust out of his midsection at some point, I hope it does it Spaceballs style at least.

rents said...

...does the alien support sleeping in the top bunk or bumping out the boy in the bottom bunk? gff