Wednesday, February 20, 2008

back to school!

look who is all better!

or at least he looks better, doesn't he?

would it be so bad if he had a teeny, weeny fever last night
and i slipped him a little tylenol in his OJ
this morning before sending him out the door to school?

because i just couldn't take it any more, you know. i just couldn't.

he had to go. or he was going to die.


daysgoby said...

Oh, no, that's perfectly reasonable.

I've sent the girl off to pre-school thinking 'Well, the cold meds won't wear off until noonish, so at least she and I will have four hours apart'....

IT was a waning cold. What?

marymurtz said...

That reminds me of the Bill Cosby routine where he comes home and his wife meets him at the door and says "I want you to go. upstairs. and. kill. that. boy."

rents said...

He DOES look all better - and ready for school. You will have a wonderful day.....
How about a trip to the 2nd hand store????

Beck said...

I am not opposed to pills in jell-o. I think I may actually eat jell-o if there was something good in it :)

Slicy said...

As a doctor, I must say that I thoroughly, and completely, agree with this course of action.

Sometimes the little bastards have to go. To be honest, you are actually just strengthening the immune system of the other children. They need to be strong for the days ahead, and, if not, you need to be strong for the days ahead.